DTN PhoneTHE POTTER COUNTY VISITORS ASSOCIATION is pleased to welcome you to our new website!  You have an opportunity to showcase your business or organization on this great resource and in a manner that fits your budget!

OVER 62,000 USERS visit each year to decide how and where to spend their money in "God's Country" - on hotel rooms, dining, entertainment, group travel, and all kinds of unique adventures - viewing over 225,000 pages on the site every year.  They visit our website for one primary reason: they expect to visit our communities and spend their money here - lots of money. In fact, tourists spend $35 million per year in Potter County!

NEARLY 75% OF USERS are new to If you're an advertiser, this means just one thing - these online visitors represent potential new business and new customers for you. With our new website, every business in the County will be listed, so it's important that your business stands out from the crowd - and it will with these advertising opportunities.

OUTSTANDING ADVERTISING PERFORMANCE is enjoyed on because you're showcased in front of your perfect "ready-to-spend" customers. We know that the options for advertising are unlimited and advertising costs money. And in most cases, it's hard to track the impact. On our new site, you'll get trackable results so you'll know EXACTLY what your advertising dollars are doing for you - and that's a smart investment for any business!

A MOBILE PRESENCE is also important since mobile phone & tablet users want to book a room, dine out or be entertained right now!

RESULTS reported by advertisers on sites like indicate that these sites quickly become the top referring website to their own. Hotels report a return of $4 - $6 in bookings, and more, for each $1 invested. That's powerful advertising, and we encourage you to take advantage of it!  

For more informaiton please visit the Partnership section of the website to learn more about these great online opportunities as well as our traditional offline opportunities!


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