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How can I help Denton Hill State Park?

We are diligently working with the Pennsylvania State Department of Conservation and Natural Resources to determine the future of Denton Hill State Park.  Here is a list of things YOU can do to help us!

Contact your state legislators! - It is important that your legislators understand what losing Denton Hill State Park could mean to you.  This is particularly important for our down state friends and visitors, as we need to make this a STATEWIDE issue.    The Potter County legislators have already spoken out in favor of restoring Denton Hill.  

Like and Share the Save Denton Hill Facebook page! - Help us generate awareness with the general public, download the "I Support Denton Hill" profile picture for your own page!

Email Governor Tom Wolf - We need to make the incoming Governor aware of this issue.  

A personal note is the most effective way to communicate your concerns!

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