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Welcome to "God's Country," home to the darkest skies and brightest stars in the eastern United States!  In recent years, national media coverage of Cherry Springs State Park has grown exponentially!  In fact, the Travel Channel recently named it the best place on Earth for stargazing!

But Potter County isn't just about stargazing.  We're also home to the newly renovated Pennsylvania Lumber Museum, the infamous ruins of the Austin Dam, the Hotel Crittenden where Eliot Ness penned "The Untouchables," and the third most longstanding marathon in Pennsylvania, the God's Country Marathon, which has been named one of the "ten toughest marathons" and one of the "best small marathons" in the United States by Runner's World Magazine.

So, no matter what your area of interest, we have something unique and intriguing for you and your readers.


film crew

A great day for a California film crew interviewing on the Courthouse square in historic Coudersport.

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