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Tourism is an important factor in our local economy. How important?  VERY.  Consider this.  Visitors spend approximately $35.5 million per year in Potter County.

  • $11.5 million on transportation
  • $7.3 million on food and beverages
  • $6 million on recreation
  • $5.6 million on retail
  • $5.1 million on lodging

Tourism also impacts the quality of life for our residents.

  • In 2012, tourism in Potter County generated $1.8 million in state and local taxes and $1.4 million in federal taxes.
  • The visitor economy directly supports over 1,000 jobs in our communities.
  • Potter County households would have to pay, on average, an additional $810 in taxes per year if tourism disappeared today.

These figures speak for themselves. Tourism is vital to Potter County, and it is the firm belief of the Potter County Visitors Association (PCVA) Board of Directors that there are few businesses in our community that would survive without it.  It is also our firm belief that the vitality of tourism is directly impacted by the excellent work of PCVA. We know that our association can carry our collective message to more people than we ever could through our own individual efforts and we are looking to partner with all businesses and organizations in the county.

In order for Potter County to remain competitive and stand out, we have to share our story with the world - in our own words - and let people know about all the unique experiences we can offer that you can't find in other destinations.  No one can do that better than us. 

We have a highly talented and very dedicated staff with the ability to make this a reality but it is up to us, the businesses of Potter County, to provide them with the information and resources they need to carry our message out to the world.  We welcome you to be a part of our great organization. 

Please exlpore the Parntership section of our website.  It has been designed to serve as a resource for all of us!  You can get information on our new partnership program, find valuable reports & research or learn more about our local and regional promotion and development plans and projects.  


Board of Directors

Potter County Visitors Association

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