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About PCVA

For over 50 years, the Potter County Visitors Association (PCVA) has been promoting the abundant outdoor recreational opportunities, rich historical assets and beautiful scenery that have earned Potter County the nickname "God's Country." We are a 501c(6) non-profit organization that works with hundreds of businesses and organizations to provide an authentic and enjoyable experience for each and every visitor and seasonal property owner that travels here every year. 

PCVA is the Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) and official tourist promotion agency for Potter County, Pennsylvania.  Founded in 1962 by several local Potter County business owners, the methods and strategies have evolved over the years.   Today, PCVA is still managed by local business owners who serve on a volunteer Board of Directors.  Our mission is to enhance local economic development and quality of life by promoting tourism and recreational opportunities in the county. 

We adopted the core values of the entire Pennsylvania Wilds which include: Charm not chain; Stewardship of the land; The joy of exploration and discovery; Cultivating the relationship between people and nature; Preserving, sharing and creating new stories; Aspiring to excellence in all we do.

So on behalf of every resident, we welcome you to share our passions and our way of life - after all, you're in Potter County - "God's Country."


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