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The Potter County Visitors Association (PCVA) has been working to develop a new way of doing business by taking advantage of changing technology. After a lengthy planning process that included a survey, public meetings, hours of research and discussion, we developed a plan to move PCVA forward.

It started with the creation of a brand new website built with a backbone of tools that not only control every aspect of the website, but allow a staff of two to manage nearly 1,000 businesses, attractions, historical sites and state and public lands, and hundreds of annual events that make Potter County a great place to visit. The new model will provide our visitors, camp owners and local residents with information on every business in the county and help promote our county and your business to the over 60,000 people who visit our website every year.

PCVA is an organization made up of a wide variety of businesses and organizations; it is dependent on them for its success and future growth. The challenge has always been to create programs and benefits that fit such a wide variety of needs. To meet that challenge, we are introducing a flexible pricing model that allows you to pick and choose the PCVA services and opportunities that are of most value to your business. It is our goal to present all our programs to you in one comprehensive package. This will allow you to better plan and budget from year to year and help us work more effectively and efficiently to promote your business and the rest of the county.

Removing the membership barrier and implementing the new “Partnership Model” allows us to represent all businesses and organizations to the outside world. Doing so will not only increase our relevance as a true resource, but will also open up new opportunities for businesses and organizations that may not necessarily feel the need to join as a member, but perhaps would like some additional exposure by taking advantage of the many advertising opportunities that PCVA provides.

See below for a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Please feel free to Request our Partnership Kit.  Just fill out the form, download the kit and we'll get in touch with you to discuss what we can do for you.  The Partnership Kit contains all of the options that we offer including our new online advertising opportunities, event sponsorship, and all of our tradional print brochures and brochure distribution services.   We will be happy to discuss this new program with you at any time and work with you to determine what is best for your business or organization. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Joe Ayers

Office Manager  

Potter County Visitors Association

FAQ - Membership to Partnership

In the spring of 2013, with input from around 200 local businesses, PCVA participated in a Strategic Planning process, to ensure that our future efforts remain effective and that we continue to grow and evolve with the changing needs and expectations of visitors. As a result, PCVA has/will be:

• Changing from a Membership model to a Partnership model

• Implementing a new website that is also mobile friendly

• Focusing our efforts on our visitors first

• Representing every business in the county

• Becoming a stronger presence in driving destination development

What is Partnership and how is it different from Membership? For decades, visitors bureaus have operated under Membership models, where you pay annual dues for a variety of benefits, whether you take advantage of them or not. The Partnership model will allow you to direct your investment to those services or opportunities that mean the most to your particular business in a true partnership with PCVA.

Why is PCVA making this change? PCVA's job is to attract visitors - visitors who contribute $35 million per year to the local economy. We'd like to see that number grow. Visitors don't care who pays membership dues. They want to know everything there is to do in our area. We hope that by showing our visitors all we have to offer, more of them will choose Potter County for their vacation destination.

What do I get for free? Your business will be listed on our new website for free to be seen by the thousands of visitors to the site each year. In addition, you can also submit events such as your open house or promotional events that you may be sponsoring. Our goal is to be a one-stop county-wide resource of information.

So, this costs me nothing? Correct, this will cost you nothing unless you want it to. We have developed opportunities to enhance your presence both online and offline in our printed publications and other services. It simply depends on what you feel is best for your business.

How do I get my business on the website? Chances are we already have your information, but just in case, contact us at or 814-274-3365. We'll help you get started.

What other advertising opportunities does PCVA offer? In addition to the website, we'll continue with our traditional marketing materials, like our Visitors Guide and Potter County Map. You can download the information on these opportunities and how you'll be notified when the time comes to gather your materials.

So, PCVA no longer has members?
Not exactly. While every business is a tourism partner, the PCVA Board has set a minimum threshold of a $200 investment with PCVA per year for a business to be a member. Many of our current businesses contribute well beyond that threshold already, but the bottom line is that the businesses who contribute to our organization should have a voice in the overall direction of PCVA. As a member, you can serve on the Board of Directors, vote for the Board of Directors, and vote on PCVA matters at our annual meeting.

Just keep in mind that no matter if you take an ad, sponsor the marathon or donate products and services, it all counts toward your $200 threshold!

Click here to download the Partnership Kit!



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