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  Potter County History

For 200 years, Potter County has been host to a diverse population, from Ole Bull's Norwegian settlers to burly lumberjacks to entrepreneurs and farmers. They shared a common vision - one of peace and tranquility which was unattainable in more populated areas.

Today Potter County’s many events, activities, and traditions spring from this rich history New events are held, and new traditions begin, but one thing will never change:­ when you come to Potter County, you will be treated as a neighbor, and an old friend. Once you’ve been here, you'll come back again and again. Most people do!

A visit to Potter County is like a visit to your hometown, where you are always accepted for who you are. In 2004 we celebrated our 200th birthday with all of our friends, we relived the old stories, and reflected on simpler times.

We hope that you shared that exciting time with us. Be sure to come back and create new memories with your friends and family. While you're here relax and recharge your spirit. After all, you're in "God's Country."

Potter County Bicentennial Logo
  • The outside shape is of Potter County with necessary information printed on three sides.

  • Sugar Maple Leaf shape represents our maple sugar industry timber industry and history.

  • The three "veins ", not quite joined, represent the three streams their origin in the mountains of Potter County.

  • The GREEN PORTION of the leaf is colored green to represent the of Potter County in the summer.

    • The Tall Hemlock in the green section is our state tree and also represents the history of the tanning industry in the county.
    • The stump represents the timber industry past and present.
    • The railroad engine reminds us all of the railroads that played a part of the history of the county.
    • Our mountains are also pictured in this section

  • The BLUE SECTION is the color of our mountains in the distance as we see them through the seasons, always present.

    • The BARN represents all agriculture in the county.
    • The COW brings to mind the dairy industry.
    • The WOODEN FENCE makes us think of Mr. Rigas and Adelphia and his farming business.
    • The PLANT IN FRONT is a potato plant which is a big part of our farming history.

  • The YELLOW PART of the maple leaf represents the fall colors of Potter County.

    • The ANIMALS represent our rich and varied wildlife heritage and also our hunting, fishing, and trapping opportunities.

  • The STARS are a gift to us to see because we don't have too many city lights. We may take the stars for granted but many, many people no longer can enjoy them.

  • The SNOWFLAKES represent Potter County in the winter.

  • The FLOWER (pink lady slipper) represents all the wildflowers and berries to be found and enjoyed in Potter County.

  • The tiny RED MAPLE LEAF signifies the beautiful fall foliage we enjoy each autumn.

  • The GREEN- STRIPED MAPLE WORM makes us think of caterpillar infestations in the recent past and our insects in general.

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